Classic Antarctica aboard the Ushuaia
An 11 day journey from Ushuaia to the South Shetland Islands and Antarctica! Depart on the expedition vessel, the Ushuaia, to experience this glorious landform.
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Weddell Sea Quest
Follow in Shackleton's footsteps and join us for a truly unique trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands & the Weddell Sea.

Antarctica Classic aboard MS Expedition
Great value departures on this newly renovated ship. 11 day Antarctic Peninsula cruise including the South Shetland Islands on the MS Expedition.
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The Ross Sea
The ultimate 30 day Antarctic Voyage to the very heart of Antarctica aboard the Spirit of Enderby.
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Galapagos of the Southern Ocean
A 13 day journey to the south of New Zealand on the Spirit of Enderby where there are six groups of remote Sub Antarctic islands.
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Atlantic Odyssey
An epic 31 day voyage departing from Ushuaia and journeying to Ascension Island via the Antarctic Peninsula on board the MV Plancius.
Antarctic Basecamp
A 10 day trip aboard the Plancius, offering field camping, kayaking, glacier walking, snowshoeing, hiking, zodiac cruising, shore excursions and a photography workshop.
Falklands to the Peninsula
A 19 day voyage to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Pensinsula on board the MV Plancius.
Antarctic Peninsula with South Shetlands
A ten day itinerary exploring the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula on board the M/V Plancius.
Shackleton Discovery
Come on board of the MV Sea Adventurer on a 16 day voyage which departs in Ushuaia and explores South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetlands.
Antarctic Circle
Sail south in quest of the fabled Antarctic Circle. After crossing the circle, proceed inshore to visit some of the seldom visited sites this far south. A 13 day expedition on board the M/V Marina Svetaeva.
Peninsula Adventure
Spend 10 nights exploring this wonderful part of the world. Be in awe when you first glimpse the sweeping ice sheet that spans an entire continent, on board the MV Marina Svetaeva.
Antarctica Classic in Depth
Spend 6 full days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands, conquer the notorious Drake Passage, learn from polar experts about the wonders of the Antarctic region, come face-to-face with amazing polar wildlife.
Falklands, South Georgia & The Antarctic Islands
Meet hardy locals and seeing unique wildlife in the Falkland islands, walk quietly amongst king penguins and watching them surf into the beach, learn about the environment and ecology from industry experts.
The Antarctic Peninsula and the Weddell Sea
Spend 8 full days exploring one of the world's last true wildernesses, connect with the history of exploration while retracing journey in Shackleton, catch sight of whales and albatross following the ship, go ashore with seasoned experts explaining the intricacies of Antarctic ecology, admire the tabular icebergs of the Weddell Sea.
Quest for the Antarctic Circle
Spend 7 full days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, go farther south than most have ever gone, search for whales and watching albatross and penguin species, discover the intricacies of the Antarctic region through our on board lecture program.
Spirit of Shackleton
Meet hardy locals and spot unique wildlife in the Falkland Islands, walk quietly amongst king penguins and watching them surf onto the beach, learn about the environment and ecology from industry experts, spot whales and seals while cruising past icebergs aboard Zodiacs, set foot on the continent of Antarctica
Polar Circle Quest
Exploring the South Shetland Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula and endeavoring to cross the Polar Circle which few have ever crossed.