For many Australians, the spectacular, rugged beauty of the world's smallest continent and surrounding islands is a backyard never played in. Why not take the opportunity to discover this sunburnt land, tropical paradise and secluded sanctuary all on board an Unbound Expeditions adventure cruise?  From the Great Barrier Reef to the National Parks of Tasmania, Papua New Guinea to New Zealand, The Kimberley to New Caledonia - Unbound Expeditions will take you further than your mind can wander.

Be inspired by our Australia Pacific Cruise page, but first here are few of our favourites:

Freighter to Paradise

A 14 day adventure cruise in the French Polynesia, Marquesas islands, beginning its journey from Tahiti and travelling to Fakarava, Ua Pou, Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Tahuata, Ua Huka, Rangiroa and back to Papeete.

Luxury Kimberly Expedition

An 11 day exploration of secluded beaches and river inlets - waters famous for an abundance of wildlife. Access spectacular waterfalls and awe inspiring gorges, ancient ancient cultural history and indigenous rock art.