Explore South America - a unique land perfect for travellers looking for adventure. Be awe-inspired by the Amazon River as it winds majestically through tropical rainforests and takes you on the journey of a lifetime. Discover the various species of native wildlife that call this tremendous river home. Alternatively, you could enjoy a wonderful week of sailing along the coast of Brazil to Rio de Janeiro on our traditional tall sailing ship. At Unbound Expeditions, we can even take you to the world's southernmost city , Ushuaia, at the base of the Andes - the longest exposed mountain range in the world!

Take a look at our cruises on the South America page. But first, here are a few of our favourites:

Amazon Discovery: Venture down the Amazon for eight days on the Manatee Amazon Explorer River Cruise, encountering the local wildlife on an authentic jungle experience.

Brazil Tall Ship Sailing Adventure: A fantastic journey on the Tocorimé Tall Ship sailing along the most exotic landscapes of the Brazilian coastline. Pass mountains dipping into the sea, isolated beaches and inviting blue-green waters. Get involved—grab the till, climb the mast or dive to inspect the hull—or just sit back and let the world sail by.

Punta Arenas-Ushuaia cruise (Southbound): Board the world class M/V Mare or Via Australis on an adventure through the Patagonia on to the Tierra del Fuego with a 5 day cruise. Both cruisers have world class facilities including four decks, 2 lounges, dining room as well as 64 cabins with private facilities and panoramic views yet the cruisers are small enough to get very close to nature. This is the real way to get from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia!