Unbound Expeditions is a company built with the forethought of 'good nature'; having one and sustaining one. As a global tour operator, we travel the world exploring its varied and abundant natural beauty. It is therefore in our direct interests to protect it. We believe it is within our responsibilities to benefact the regions that we work within and we have created Unbound with a mission to stand by that responsiibility.We especially pride ourselves on working to help the environment and assist locals communities in developing countries wherever we can.

We really work hard to keep all our operations green... even to the smallest detail. We are currently attempting to run all our worldwide offices on green energy (aiming towards 100%) from hydro electric, wind to solar power. The remainder of our company emissions are offset so that our operations are completely carbon neutral. Unbound is web based which is highly beneficial for our goals. We have very conscious limits on printing; brochure prints are at a minimum and only printed on a requirement basis. Subsequently, all itineraries and pre-departure information are emailed in order for us to reach our goal as a paperless environment...and we are close! We use energy saving bulbs in our work centres, and recycle all our waste. Staff are encouraged to ride a bike or take public transport to work. We can proudly state that at Unbound Expeditions, we even offer to pay for half of the cost of a bicycle purchase for staff.

Most of the ships we offer are leaders in sustainability and environmental protection. Some things are beyond our control but we try where we can to select the best that is on offer. In most cases, the expedition cruises we offer visit locations where you can appreciate a close and respectful contact with nature. Like the ship operators themselves, we are committed to ensuring the preservation of the environment so that these areas can be appreciated by future generations.

As the name Unbound suggests, we are all about 'going beyond.' This also refers to our dedication to sustainability. We extend our forethought of 'good nature' further by supporting charities around the world and benefacting individuals within the regions that we explore, such as Betzabeth who opened her own general store and Victoria who now manages a Timber Sales company in Peru. What we do here is provide micro-financing to local people and entrepreneurs who want to start up their own businesses. Consequently, supporting initiatives set up by governments and NGOs within the regions we operate. We believe this is a fantastic way to contribute to sustainability; not only is it personal, it ensures longevity by being a means to an ends.

These charities are close to our core of supporting the environment and children in need. You can research these charities yourself or please ask us and we will be happy to provide more information.